The research of our lab focuses on the interpreting the meaning of biological data, especially in the area of percision medicine. The long term goal of our lab is to derive mathematic model that can explain and predict the biological phenomena.

More specifically 1. We are interested in developing DNA/RNA/epigenetic based Biomarkers to characterize subgroups related to disease (mostly cancer for now) subtype and treatment response, and understand the underlying biology by integrating analyses.

2. We are interested in collaborating with other labs to eludicate the mechanisms related to human disease. We currently have extensive collaboration with Ruslan Afasizhev on understanding the mechanisms of mitochondria transcription regulation in Trypanosoma brucei.

3. We are also interested in studying structural variations in a quatative manner using Yeast as a model organism.

Currently, Lab has a openning for a postdoc position and a technician/lab manager position available.